Welcome to the online home of speculative fiction writer Damien Angelica Walters. On this site you’ll find my blog, which will contain information about story sales and publications, links to reviews, and other updates, and links to my fiction, some of which is available to read online. Thank you for stopping by.

Recent Publications:
“A Lie You Give, and Thus I Take” in Lightspeed Magazine
“Shall I Whisper to You of Moonlight, of Sorrow, of Pieces of Us?” in Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume One
“The Floating Girls: A Documentary” in Jamais Vu Issue Three

From Tangent Online: “Wow. Damien Angelica Walters, with “The Floating Girls: A Documentary,” has crafted one of the most powerful stories I have read in recent memory. I wasn’t very far into it before I discovered what it was really about, but that made it even stronger for me. Every word became an identifier—a tell—that reinforced and expanded the underlying theme. The story alternates between flashbacks to childhood (of the documentary’s creator, I can only assume) and the research and interviews related to the day 300,000 young girls simply floated away, never to be seen again. It was a world-wide phenomenon, and one that was quickly covered up. I won’t delve further into the plot than this, as the reader must discover for themselves the meaning. This piece is both beautiful in its ethereal qualities, and horrible in its foundation. I had a hard time classifying this story, though. It starts out reading like soft sf, or possibly fantasy, but ends up neither. This one should be read in groups, and then discussed. Highly recommended.”

“Glass Boxes and Clockwork Gods” in The Best of Electric Velocipede

From Publishers Weekly: “…to Damien Angelica Walters’s lovely and haunting ‘Glass Boxes and Clockwork Gods.'”

Recent Story Sales:
“The Floating Girls: A Documentary” (translation by Geng Hui) to the Chinese literary journal Zui Found.
“Black Stars on Canvas, a Reproduction in Acrylic” to Joe Pulver for the forthcoming Cassilda’s Song, a King in Yellow anthology of all new tales written by women.